Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Investing for the Future: Spend now, Save Later on Gas

YIKES! Gas prices are soaring, and it's a bit scary at how much we'll pay at the pump. 

Many of us are considering hybrid or electric vehicles as well as vehicles offering high gas mileage. Here are a few great options for you if you want to save some BIG $$ at the PUMP

Remember, paying that higher price now will save you $ later!

Internet Price: $44,385
MPG: 95 City, 90 Hwy

Internet Price: $20,905
MPG: 26 City, 38 Hwy


Internet Price: $15,470
MPG: 26 City, 35 Hwy

Internet Price: 24,395
MPG: 28 City, 40 Hwy

Internet Price: $18,490
MPG: 25 City, 33 Hwy

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