Sunday, October 21, 2012

Snow Tires are SO This Season

  Snow tires are SO this season

     Snow will be arriving before we know it!  With colder temperatures in sight, we need to be preparing our car for them.  Do you have to drive in an area where snow is abundant?  The type of tires you use can make a major impact on your safety, as well as other's.  If you are like most drivers on the road, your car is equipped with all-season tires.  Those tires are meant to be used if you live in an area that has mild climate, where extremities are no where in sight!  It is important that you know these tires will lose their elasticity considerably after about 8 below zero.  There goes their grip on the road, and thereafter, your control.
      The answer to this is simple: the design of winter tires makes them suited for the cold season, improving performance and safety in a variety of the road conditions you may face. The tread pattern of these tires also features grooves that are generally more than all-season tires and about 30-percent deeper tread, which results in channeling water, snow, and sludge away more effectively. In addition, winter tire’s rubber compound is softer and remains more flexible even when the temperature drops to as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius. Being more flexible at lower temperatures, winter tires offer superior grip. This helps you, the driver; enjoy greater control of your vehicle and safer trips over all.
       So, like you would prepare anything else for the cold temeratures to come, prepare one of your biggest investments.  In the long run you will be protecting more than just your vehicle from any damage, but also keeping your family and yourself safe.
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