Thursday, November 8, 2012

McCurley's Rockstar for November!

McCurley’s Rockstar for November is... *drum roll*



        Mazda and Subaru Warranty administrator by day, karaoke fiend by night! This creative lady loves a microphone in one hand, and a pastry bag in the other. Not only does she love karaoke, but she has discovered that she can make stupendous cakes.  Don’t believe me? Check this out:

             Sue is a very important person here at McCurley. She is a hard worker and loves working with the people here, saying, “It makes it so much easier to get up and come to work when the people you work with are as qualified and fun as they are.” Well guess what, we feel the same way about her!  Sue is a thoughtful person and proof is in the pudding!


 Now back to the creativeness, Sue and her husband share the creative niche. They love to fix up houses. They even bought a house in Walla Walla that was 111 years old and redid the thing in its entirety! She says her husband does the remodeling, and she does the decorating. If you ask me, Sue has some cool hobbies! Sue is our employee of the month because she is a fantastic worker and an awesome person! This superwoman definitely has it all, and that is why she is such a valued team member here at McCurley. Thank you, Sue, for everything you do!


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