Friday, November 8, 2013

Amanda Laney
Sales Associate Mercedes-Benz of Tri-Cities

Amanda Laney has been with McCurley Integrity Dealerships for a little over a year now, working in sales at our Mercedez-Benz of Tri-Cities location. It doesn’t take much time talking with Amanda to understand why her customers love working with her so much. She exudes a levity and easy going nature often missing from the automotive industry. We spoke with Amanda today to give you a little peak into what makes her so great!

McCurley: Are you from the Tri-Cities Originally?

Amanda: No, I am actually from Clarkston Washington originally, but I came to the Tri-Cities to go to school and play Soccer at CBC.

McCurley: What did you study in school?

Amanda: I got my AA at CBC and continued on to WSU Tri-Cities to get my degree in Business and Marketing.

McCurley: How did you end up working here with us?

Amanda: I have a decent amount of experience in sales, working in the cosmetics and wine industries. There is just something exciting about connecting great products with great people.  Additionally, I have always been enamored by Mercedez-Benz. There is something about the brand that just draws people in and commands respect. I saw there was an opening at Mercedes-Benz of Tri-Cities and decided that if I was going to be selling something, it might as well be the best vehicle on the road.

McCurley: Well it is clear why you enjoy selling Mercedes, but what is it that you like about working at McCurley Integrity Dealerships?

Amanda:  Hmm… I would have to say my favorite thing is the people. I know that sounds corny, but we really have the best people all the way from the GM’s to the detail specialists; we have people who are committed to a culture of excellence. Not to mention the customers, I love my customers. They are the best! I also like that my job keeps me busy and on my feet. Every day is a little different and brings a new challenge.

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